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SKINMINT Aloe Vera 97% Soothing Gel
Ekel Green Tea Foam Cleanser 180 мл.
EKEL Aloe Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask
EKEL Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask (Green Tea)
Ekel Hand Cream (Aloe) Крем для рук с экстрактом алое
SHINETREE Soothing & Brightening Aloe & Green Tea Gel

EKEL Super Natural Ampoule Mask Cucumber

SHINETREE Mild Facial Olive Cleanser

EKEL Super Natural Ampoule mask Aloe

SHINETREE Green Grape Fresh Fruit Mask

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SKINMINT Aloe Vera 97% Soothing Gel-Skinmint Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 97% – a universal moisturizing face and body gel with aloe vera extract (97%), herbal extracts and vitamin B5 is ideal for daily face and body care – softens, protects and regenerates the skin.
Contains organic extracts of Aloe Vera , which perfectly nourish and soften the skin, prevent peeling, restore its elasticity and natural softness. The gel removes dryness and irritation, moisturizes powerfully, providing protection and a refreshing scent for a long time.
It is recommended to use with solar and thermal burns, removes redness, relieves itching and irritation of the skin.
Suitable for hair care, giving them softness, moisturizing and silkiness. It can be applied after shaving. Relieves stress and nervous tension. It gives an excellent effect during tanning and sunburn. Recommended for any skin.

EKEL Aloe Foam Cleanser– Ekel Aloe Foam Cleanser is for sensitive skin
– It removes makeup residues and skin impurities with excellent cleansing power
– It also cultivates an elastic and smooth skin by keeping moisturization and supplying good nutrients to the skin
– Micro-fine bubbles of this product help cleansing effects and change a disheveled skin to smooth and elastic skin.