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SHINETREE Clear Peeling Pad (Strawberry) 2
EKEL Peel Off Pack Green Tea
EKEL Peel Off Pack Cucumber
MIZON Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing Mask
EKEL Charcoal Ultra Hydrating Mask
Ekel Green Tea Foam Cleanser
Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Rice)

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SHINETREE Clear Peeling Pad (Strawberry)-Even if you do makeup, you feel your skin is still rough and dull. Now resolve troubles with a peeling pad!!
The skin makes new cells with 28 days, old cells turn into keratin and fall off, at this time, the keratin does not fall off smoothly, and the keratin is covered on the keratin so that the generation of new cells is slowed down and the skin tone becomes dull and rough.
We offer a filling pad for your clean and moist skin texture.

EKEL Peel Off Pack Green Tea-The mask film exfoliates dead skin cells without damaging the upper layer of the epidermis. It perfectly cleans and renews cells, regulates the sebaceous glands, eliminates inflammation and peeling, pores, restores the mineral composition of the skin, has an antiseptic effect, heals wounds, while moisturizing, tightening and smoothing the skin. Promotes elimination, and further prevents the formation of “black dots”. Stimulates cellular metabolism, tones and strengthens the skin. As a result of the application, the complexion improves, the skin gets energized, more nutrients, moisturizing and oxygen.
EKEL Peel Off Pack Cucumber-The mask with cucumber extract deeply moisturizes and keeps the moisture in the skin for a long time. Cucumber extract provides a soothing effect.

Mask – The film hides the dead cells of the skin without damaging the upper layer of the epidermis. Perfectly cleans and restores cells, regulates sebaceous gland function, prevents inflammation and peeling, reduces pores, restores skin mineral composition, produces antiseptic effects, heals wounds, simultaneously moisturizes, corrects and smoothes skin. Promote black spots and prevent them from further occurring. Stimulates cellular metabolism, tones and strengthens the skin

MIZON Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing Mask-Intensely purify skin with the Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing Mask from Korean beauty brand Mizon. Enriched with nourishing plant extracts, the innovative sheet mask features micro-cushion bubbles that transfer upon application, working to dissolve dirt and effectively unclog pores without causing irritation.
Removing even the finest dust build up and dead skin cells with gently exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it infuses skin with Moringa and Meadowfoam to hydrate and revitalise. Skin feels thoroughly cleansed with a more smooth, soft and even surface texture.

EKEL Charcoal Ultra Hydrating Mask-A purifying sheet mask that helps minimize the look of large pores. Deep cleans with charcoal extracts; removes acne-causing bacteria from within pores; helps tighten skin to minimize the look of imperfections; aids in regulating oil production for a shine-free look.

Ekel Green Tea Foam Cleanser-Ekel Foam Cleanser removes makeup residues and skin impurities with excellent cleansing power.
It also cultivate a elastic and smooth skin by keeping moisturization and by suppplying good nutrients to the skin
Especially micro-fine bubbles of this product helps cleansing effects and in addition extracts from aloe, pomegranate, snail,cucumber,green tea gives excellent effect to skin and change a disheveled skin to smooth and elastic skin.
Take adequate amount of product,lather in hands and then softly massage into face. Wash thoroughly with warm water.

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Rice)-Sheet mask containing rise essence in its compact cell fabric makes rough skin look clear and smooth.

These professional sheet masks by Missha are top quality and a must for a fresh, radiant complexion and to keep your skin in great condition.
The Missha Pure Source Sheet Masks are made of natural cellulose and saturated with
an emulsion of natural extracts. The new design and the firm structure allow the masks to fit perfectly to the contours of the face, without creases or other difficulties.