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EKEL Aloe Massage Cream

Beauty153 Diamond Foot Mask

Ekel Hand Cream (Snail)

SKINMINT Mango 97% Soothing

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    SKINMINT Mango 97% Soothing-Functional soothing effect
    delivers full moisture to dry skin and soothes sensitive skin effectively due to UV rays and harmful environments
    Cools heated skin immediately and supplies concentrated moisture
    Lightly Texture without stickiness
    It can be used as an alternative for Skin or Serum on the first skin care step with lightly absorption without stickiness on skin

    EKEL Aloe Massage Cream-

    Self-massage body cream with organic aloe extract gently care for your skin.

    Aloe Vera protects the skin from free radicals and premature aging, it is a source of natural UV-filters.

    Suitable for any skin type.

    The active components tighten and tone the skin and skin.

    The cream composition is enriched with extracts that nourish the skin with useful substances and improve microcirculation.

    Thanks to the massage movements, the components of the cream penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, smooth out and soften even the toughest skin. The cream gently cares for the skin and makes it silky, smooth and moisturizing, nourishing and protecting.

    Ekel Hand Cream (Snail)-Provides moisture to the skin deeply.
    Contains vegetable oil to prevent water evaporation and keeps your hands moist and shiny for a long time.
    It is also a hand cream for hands that will calm the skin with various plant ingredients.

    Beauty153 Diamond Hand Mask-

    The mask will provide the skin of the hands with good nutrition and deep hydration, stop the aging process and eliminate all the disadvantages. It has a complex effect, eliminates all irritation and redness, relieves dryness and prevents dehydration.

    The mask is made in the form of gloves, so it is very easy to use. It significantly transforms the skin of the hands, helps to preserve its beauty and prolong youth.

    Beauty153 Diamond Foot Mask-

    The mask, made in the form of socks, will provide the skin of the feet with complete care. It is imbued with healing essence, which deeply moisturizes the skin, nourishes it with nutrients, protects against the negative effects of various factors.

    The mask perfectly softens the skin, makes it soft, smooth and silky, heals wounds and cracks, pleasantly refreshing