BeauuGreen Sea Cucumber & Black Hydro-Gel Eye Patch


Extract of black sea cucumber activates the vital processes in the skin cells, gradually restoring it, moisturizes and nourishes the deeper layers of the skin, improves skin elasticity and elasticity. Due to its antioxidant properties, it effectively protects it from free radicals and the negative effects of the environment, relieves stress and signs of skin fatigue.

Method of application: Apply patches to cleansed and toned skin around the eyes and press them tightly. After 30-40 minutes, remove the patches and wait until the essence is completely absorbed. For the cooling effect of the patches, they can be stored in the refrigerator.

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The set is designed for course application. 30 pairs of hydrogel patches during the month, day after day, care for the delicate skin under the eyes and have an antioxidant and rejuvenating effect.

The texture of hydrogel patches resembles a light jelly, which when applied to the skin under the influence of its heat dissolves, which allows the active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper, providing a more lasting effect. The hydrogleral patches have an excellent moisturizing effect, as well as trigger the processes of detoxification of the skin – relieve it of slags and toxins accumulated in the pores.

Skin type

Combined, Dry, Normal, Oily, Problem


25-35, 35-45, 45+




2 pc.

Water, glycerin, carrageenan extract, butylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, locust bean gum, benzyl glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, xanthan gum, allantoin, butoxydiglycol, niacinamide, ferric oxide (CI 77499), potassium glycyrrhizate,). , raspberry ketone, adenosine, synthetic fluoroflogopite, fragrance, sodium EDTA, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), calcium lactate, collagen hydrolyzate, sodium hyaluronate, iron oxide (CI 77491), 1, 2-hexanediol, tin oxide, ethyl hexylglycerol.