BeauuGreen Daily Fresh Sunstick SPF50


Beauugreen Daily Fresh Sunstick – Just put tidy & cute SUN STICK into your pocket
SPF 50+ Fresh and fluffy every day – For your Daily Convenience, Daily Freshness
SPF50+PA++++ enhanced UV protection index
Prevent Sebum & shine without stickness
Hygienic finger-free without using a finger

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BeauuGreen Daily Fresh SunStick 3 Free
– Sweating FREE
– Sliding FREE
– White cast FREE
Anytime & Anywhere – Daily, Outdoor, Makeup, Swim, Activity
1. Refreshing feeling
2. All day long fresh by sebum control powder
3. Applied on the face and body smoothly and easily
Bullet points of Daily Fresh Sunstick
– No sebum & No grease:
  Triple layer of powder for smooth skin!, Not Sticky
  => Silky texture powder, Sebum control powder, Blurring powder
– No hassle of applying by hand:
  No Bacterium in hands, No hassle, Hand free use!
  => No need old sum protection products any more… Hygienic sun care without hand use
Five Ingredients for Your Skin Health
1. Quinoa: Moisturizing
2. Chia Seed: Brightening
3. Lentil Seed: Inflammation Relief
4. Lin Seed: Nutrition Supply
5. Sunflower Seed: Nutrition Supply