Medi-Peel Hyaluron Dark Benone Peptide 9 Ampoule Eye Patch



  •   Brighten skin tone and dark spots
  •   Diminish dark under eye circles and relieve puffiness
  •   Powerful anti-aging
  •   Strengthening and tightening thin skin
  •   Suitable for all skin types, recommended for thin, dry skin

Multifunctional eye patches moisturize and brighten the skin around the eyes.
The patches of crystals and diamond powder lighten the thin circles under the eyes and prevent their appearance, while the complex of 9 peptides stimulates the renewal of skin cells and returns it to elasticity.
Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain balance in the skin, leaving it radiant and healthy.

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  • These eye patches have strong brightening effect and help reduce dark spots on the skin. The Peptide complex has a rejuvenating effect, helps improve wrinkles and maintain youthful skin. They help smooth out skin creases and reduce the depth of wrinkles, brighten pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes, eliminate dryness and have a calming effect.
  • Certified Organic. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial coloring. No animal testing. Dermatologist tested. Hypo Allergenic.
  • Apply patches to the undereye area for 20 – 30minutes. Discard patches after use.
    Patches can be used anywhere you notice fine lines & wrinkles.



18-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45+

purified water, glycerin, carrageenan, butylene glycol, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate (110ppm), high-dried hyaluronic acid (1ppm), sodium isetylated hyaluronate (ippm), hydroxypropyl trimonium hyaluronate (10ppm), potassium hyaluronate (002pml, sodium hyaluronate cross polymer (0.1ppm), hyaluronic acid (0.25ppm), pearl extract, Polysulfate 80, tocopheryl iscetate, ubiquinone, acetyl lexa peptide -80001ppm), capripeptide -10,001ppm), oligopeptide -30000igpml, oligomap tide -3210,0005pm), palmitoyl pentamapide- 4000pm), palmitoyl trimapide -1000pml, querbitolyl tritriamide -70006gpm), glyceryl polymethacrylate, propylene glycol, arm Toil Oligo Reptide 00gpml, Palmitoyl Tripeptide -50.1ppm), Propane Diol, Pentallenglycol, Coconut and Fruit Extract, Savior Pine Sun Extract, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Betaine, Allantoin, Dimotium Glycerate, Carob Gum, Sucrose, Guar Gum, Sellowose Gum Potash Breath Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Hu-Si Caprylate, Piza-80 Hydrogenated Castor oil, diamond powder (1ppm), titanum oxide, oles-0 triethoxy cicapralal silane, polysorbate 8 simethicone, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, aluminium hydroxide side-fluorofluorite logo, Al Jinan, Disodium D. A, Clofenesin, Denucleated Acid Diol, 12-Hyesan Diol, On Hexal Glycerin, Perfume